Mindful Discipline for the Classroom

My Mindful Mats™ are made for more than the home. The classroom is a fantastic place to use this intentional technique. Here are some tips and tricks that make a My Mindful Mat a helpful classroom tool:


My Mindful Mats™ are portable which can be a huge lifesaver for a teacher on the go. You can take the mat with you on field trips, to the playground, to assemblies and more, as well as use it in your classroom. Better yet, a child could take one home to keep the discipline consistent in every area of their life!

Quick and Easy

It won’t take much time and attention from the rest of the class to walk a student through the included mindfulness activities. Depending on the needs of each child, you can have them complete one short activity, or work through the entire book.


My Mindful Mats™ are great for any student. Use the mat for a child who is struggling to obey class rules, a child having anxiety about a field trip, or a child who had a bad day at home before arriving.


While My Mindful Mat™ can help you keep your classroom under control, it also helps your students build coping and self-regulatory skills they can use well beyond your classroom. Help your students build a strong foundation while you have that brief, but incredibly meaningful influence in their life!


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