We are huge advocates for any type of personal journaling. There are several benefits of putting pen to paper with your thoughts and observations. To help, we’re releasing a free printable “Mini Mindful Journalâ„¢” with 5 of the following kid-friendly mindful journaling activities. (Print your Mini Mindful Journalâ„¢ for free by clicking on the link below).

Color Matching

In the first activity, the journal page has 3 different colors. The child is instructed to find something around them that matches each color. They then draw that item. Afterwords, they mindfully describe the item (such as size, texture, shape, etc). You could also do this activity on your own using colored pencils or paint chips.

Breathing Art

In the second activity, the child is instructed to breath deeply. They then have a blank sheet of paper to draw things that they imagined as they were breathing. (For example, a child may draw a boat on the waves because a boat goes up and down just like their chest goes up and down as they breathe).

Emotion Reflections

In the third activity, there is a “drama mask” of a happy and sad facial expression. The child is instructed to write thoughts about times they felt those emotions. You could also do this on your own with more emotions by using emojis or other expression drawings.

Thought Bubbles

In the fourth activity, the child is instructed to simply sit and let their thoughts come and go for a few minutes. When they are done, they can reflect on those thoughts and record them in the bubbles on the page. Thoughts that felt big and took up most of their thought process can be written in larger bubbles while smaller background observation thoughts can be recorded in smaller bubbles. You could also help describe thoughts “floating in and out” to your child by blowing real bubbles before beginning.

Sound Mapping

In the final activity, the chid is instructed to sit and closely listen to their surroundings. As they listen, they write what they hear in every direction. Next, they draw (or write more detailed descriptions) or what they heard.

Let us know what your child thought of their mini mindful journal experience in the comments below! What other mindfulness activities do you enjoy together?

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