There is something spectacular about every season. Take time with your children this fall to notice the unique attributes of autumn. Here are FIVE fall mindfulness activity ideas to use with your My Mindful Mat to get you started.

My Mindful Mat in Fall Leaves

1. Fall Breathing

Go outside. Following the “Breathe” prompt in the board book, take deep breaths in and out. Pay attention to how the cold fall air feels in your mouth and lungs.

2. Leaf Shapes

Use your Mat (or other item) as a tracing board. Use fallen leaves to outline the shapes.

3. Leaf Crunch

Take a handful of leaves in your hand. Hold them next to your ear as you squeeze your hand tightly. What do you hear?

4. Leaf Tracing

Find a large leaf. Use one finger to trace the outside edges of the leaf. What does it feel like?

5. Tree Songs

Sit with your legs crossed on your mat. Listen careful to the leaves falls and the branches swaying. What song does it sound like?

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