Being mindful is an adventure. Here you’ll find our FREE mindfulness activity – My Mindful Mouse journal and adventure instructions.

My Mindful Mouse

My Mindful Mouse seeks to be mindful of himself and his surroundings as well as the people and world around him. Included in this FREE packet (that fits perfectly in your My Mindful Mat pouch) are the following:

  1. Cover Page
  2. Instructions for using My Mindful Mouse
  3. A page to create your own My Mindful Mouse. Color and cut, or trace and make. Here are some examples (tag #MindfulMouse or e-mail us at [email protected] to share your My Mindful Mouse with us!):

4. A list of Mindful Adventures in 6 categories:

  • “I can be mindful of the earth”
  • “I can be mindful of my surroundings”
  • “I can be mindful of others”
  • “I can be mindful of my family”
  • “I can be mindful of myself”
  • “I can be mindful always”

5. A page to record your adventure experience by drawing or gluing a picture of your My Mindful Mouse on his mindfulness adventure

6. A page to write a story about your mindfulness adventure

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