Gratitude is one way to be mindful of the sunshine in your life. Enjoy this FREE printable gratitude game craft to celebrate the blessings in life.

free printable gratitude game
Gratitude Game for Kids

Sunshine Bag

Sunshine Bag is a simple activity that can fit perfectly in your My Mindful Mat pouch. Included with the free download above is:

  1. The instruction page explaining how and what
  2. Colorful “rays” of sunshine to make it work.
Sunshine Bag instructions

How to:

  1. Print the free printable above (or write out your own instructions).
  2. Cut out the rays of sunshine (or find scraps of paper or cloth to up-cycle this project).
  3. Place everything in a small bag that can be placed with your My Mindful Mat.
  4. Sit down with your child and take turns following the instructions and sharing some grateful “Sunshine”

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