It’s important to be mindful of our emotions. Help these struggling animals turn their emotions around with this FREE printable animal emotion activity.


Animotion Puppets are a simple emotion game to help your children acknowledge and take control of their emotions. It is printable and fits perfectly in your My Mindful Mat pouch. Included with the printable page above is 5 animotion characters and 5 corresponding instruction strips.

How to:

  1. Print off the FREE printable above
  2. Help your child color in the emotions on the puppet pages
  3. Cut down the dotted line
  4. Tape the edges together to make a finger puppet OR tape to a popsicle stick
  5. When your child is sitting on their My Mindful Mat, allow them to chose the animal that matches their difficult feeling the best (or choose one to talk about).
  6. Hold the animotion up on the difficult emotion side
  7. Follow the corresponding instructions
  8. Flip the animotion to the opposite happy emotion side
  9. Talk about the emotions
  10. Store in your My Mindful Mat pouch

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