There is something spectacular about every season. Take time with your children this Valentine’s day to notice the unique attributes of hearts and love. Here are FIVE Valentine’s day mindfulness activities to use with your My Mindful Mat to get you started.

1. Speaking Love

Have your child stand in the center of their mat with their hands together in a heart shape. Speaking through the heart, have them say 3 things they love about themselves. Then, you take a turn!

2. Heart-In-Hand Tracing

Have your child sit in the center of the mat with one palm facing up. Using their other hand, have them draw a heart shape in the middle of their hand. Talk to them about how it feels. (You could repeat this activity with other shapes and letters too.)

3. Heart Eye-Spy

Have your child sit in the center of their mat. Looking around, try to find things in the shape of a heart. If you can’t find any, try making some (For example, you could take a hair-band and squeeze it into a heart-shape).

4. Heart Yoga Pose

Have your child sit in the center of their mat. Have them place the bottoms of their feet together. Instruct them to put their hands together at their heart. Then, have them raise their hands up in the air and invert their hands to make a heart shape above their head. You can repeat this in rhythm with their breath.

5. Heart Finger Labyrinth

Print the following finger labyrinth. Have your child sit in the center of their mat. They can then use one finger to trace the labyrinth to the middle of the heart.

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