A supplemental podcast for My Mindful Mat

The My Mindful Mat “Moment” podcast is a FREE supplemental resource available on your favorite podcasting platforms and will be transcribed in the blog posts. “Moment” was created to complement your My Mindful Mat experience. Learn more about the podcast HERE.

Episode 0: Introduction For Parents

Hi Parents! First off, thank you for being here. My Mindful Mat™ is an intentional parenting tool by Coriaria, LLC – a company committed to creating products to positively influence intentional family life.  

This podcast is designed to be a free supplement to My Mindful Mat. Here, we will discuss Mindful and Intentional parenting practices, advice, research, and activity ideas. This podcast is intended to help us all become more mindful and intentional parents while also helping us use My Mindful Mat products in more positive and meaningful ways.  

My Mindful Mat™ products are intentional parenting tools developed in collaboration with real families. Learn more at MyMindfulMat.com. Get $5 off your My Mindful Mat original with code PODCAST (that’s P-O-D-C-A-S-T) at checkout.  

We constantly explore new ways to improve our products and create useful tools for intentional parents everywhere. If you have ideas or feedback, please reach out to us on our various Social Media pages or by going to Coriaria.com (C-O-R-I-A-R-I-A-dot-com) or MyMindfulMat.com  

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