The following is a transcript from Episode 2 of My Mindful Mat Moment Podcast.

Welcome to the My Mindful Mat Moment. Today we will walk through a mindfulness activity for both parent and child to do together. Kids, get out your My Mindful Mat, take a seat in the center and we’ll get started soon. If you don’t have a My Mindful Mat, you can learn more and order now at or participate in your own way. Parents, we encourage you to participate actively and intentionally in whatever way you feel is best for you and your child. Pause this podcast at any time to go at your own speed.  

Now let’s take a moment together.  

Breathing is a super power in times of stress, fear, anger or other hard emotions. Many times we feel those hard emotions when things feel out of our control. Breath is something we almost always have control over. Let’s practice together a few quick deep breathing games that you can use on the go with your My Mindful Mat.  

First – It’s fun to blow out candles and make a wish on your birthday! 

Parents, hold up your hand with the number of fingers for the age of your child. Pretend these are birthday candles. As your child blows out these  
“candles” put your fingers down one-by-one.  

Ok Kids, pretend it’s your birthday. Close your eyes. Make a wish. Breath in slowly. Open your eyes and blow out your candles! Breath in slowly again, now blow out the next candle.  

Parents, you can pause right now to take a moment to discuss, repeat, or try variations of the activity with your child. 

Next – It’s fun to fill up balloons! Kids & Parents, touch one of the small dots on The My Mindful Mat. Pretend you are picking up an empty balloon from that dot. Imagine what your balloon will look like. It could be a character from one of your favorite stories. Now place your hands together by your mouth. Take a deep breath, then blow out as you “fill” your balloon with air – moving your hands farther and farther apart as you blow. Keep blowing into your balloon until it’s so big you can’t even hold it anymore. Now, clap your hands and pop your balloon! 

Parents, you can pause right now to take a moment to discuss, repeat, or try variations of the activity with your child. 

There are so many other fun times to use your breath. Think about blowing bubbles, taking a big breath before you jump into a swimming pool, or making a wish while you blow on a dandelion. Together you could pretend some of these breathing activities. The next time you are feeling one of those big, hard emotions – try to remember that you can breathe. And breathing can be fun!  

Thank you for joining us on this short journey. Kids and Parents, take some time to talk about your breathing activities. You can find a free printable activity to help you with this on the blog at Join us again next time for a My Mindful Mat Moment. 

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