“Moment” Episode 4: Emotion Regulation with Jessica Simpson

On episode 4 of My Mindful Mat Moment, we interview Jessica Simpson, a Marriage and Family Therapy PhD candidate, to discuss Emotion Regulation, what it is, how parents and their children can develop it, and how it relates to mindfulness. Some key highlights: We discuss what emotion regulation is and some research behind it We…

Winter Mindfulness Activities

There is something spectacular about every season. Take time with your children this winter to notice the unique attributes of winter. Here are FIVE winter mindfulness activity ideas to use with your My Mindful Mat to get you started. 1. Snow Sounds If you’re lucky enough to have snow, open a window or go outside. Sit and…

My Mindful Mat encouraging parents to calm down so their children can calm down too

Be Your Child’s “CALM DOWN!”

The first person who needs to be calm when a child is having a tantrum is YOU. You’re not alone if you’ve raised your voice to ironically tell your child to “calm down!” We all need that reminder. My Mindful Mat is just as much for the parents as it is for the children. Let’s talk about that as I share a personal story from tonight.

Rethink Time Out

Life is new to our little ones. Think about a new job. How well would you have done if you had been thrown into it with no training? So why do we expect our little ones to handle big emotions without any training? Here we’ll talk briefly about how you can take the traditional time out and time in methods and turn them into emotion regulation training.