Here is what everyone has been saying so far:

“I really love the activities, we’ve used it three times in a week and he’s really loved it, plus it allows him time to calm down and redirect his attention from bad behavior to a great mood!”

Girl doing Mindfulness on her My Mindful Mat

“Great. My 9 yr old son loved it. He enjoyed doing each activity and was able to focus and calm down.”

“It was great! I loved knowing they were there to help improve themselves, not just sit in time out! They didn’t love doing it, but I know they weren’t as grouchy after using than compared to just going to sit in time out.”


“I love it!”

“We are loving our mindful mat! I have a very stubborn 2.5 year old little girl that is behind in speech so she is very easily frustrated that end up in fits. Since we have been using the mindful mat we have both calmed down allot. She is throwing fits less and I’m not as high strung!!”

“It’s been very effective”

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