Free Printable Mindfulness Coloring Pages

Mindful Coloring

The My Mindful Mat pouch is the perfect size to throw in some colored pencils and coloring pages. Coloring and doodling are some great additional mindfulness activities you can do with your children. Check out these FREE printable coloring pages. What is Mindful Coloring? Mindful Coloring is the act of adding color to pre-drawn outlines….

Mini Mindful Journal

We are huge advocates for any type of personal journaling. There are several benefits of putting pen to paper with your thoughts and observations. To help, we’re releasing a free printable “Mini Mindful Journalâ„¢” with 5 of the following kid-friendly mindful journaling activities. (Print your Mini Mindful Journalâ„¢ for free by clicking on the link…