“Moment” Episode 3: Mindfulness and Language with Victoria Lovett

Summary: We interview Victoria Lovett, a speech language pathologist with extensive experience working with young children learning to speak, as well as those needing language rehabilitation after brain trauma. We discuss how parents can help their children learn to speak, how mindfulness plays a role in that learning process, and how parents can use rephrasing…

My Mindful Mat encouraging parents to calm down so their children can calm down too

Be Your Child’s “CALM DOWN!”

The first person who needs to be calm when a child is having a tantrum is YOU. You’re not alone if you’ve raised your voice to ironically tell your child to “calm down!” We all need that reminder. My Mindful Mat is just as much for the parents as it is for the children. Let’s talk about that as I share a personal story from tonight.

bedtime conversations

Talking Time (Free Bedtime Conversation Starter Printable)

Talking Time +Free Bedtime Conversation Starter Printable   This week on The Intentional Family Moment, we discuss the question “Why does Talking Time matter?”. Talking time is taking a few key moments to talk with your child before they go to sleep. It helps your child decompress, it helps you bond with your child and…

slow down for grown ups

Slow Down for Grown Ups

To achieve Mindful Parenting, you need Mindful Parents. Here are some tips to help you slow down and parent with meaning while using your My Mindful Mat™. Tip 1: Share the Air One of the activities in the original My Mindful Mat™ involves teaching your child to take deep breaths. The situation that brought your…